Richard Lambert - CEO of the National Landlords Association

Sue combines her experience as a solicitor, teacher and experienced landlord to break down the most complex of information into bite-sized learning, expressed in plain language that is easily understood. Her exceptional communication skills mean that she can deal effectively, and when necessarily patiently, with the most challenging situations.

Sue led the project to initiate and develop the NLA’s first courses dealing with tax issues, both of which were well attended, well received and regularly commended by participants’

  Martin Silman 5th October 2019

Chairman of Portsmouth & District Private Landlord Association

 “The PDPLA ran 3 of Sue’s courses this year, one focussed on CGT and two on general taxation for landlords – all of the courses were completely sold out and we have members asking us to rerun them already. Sue is the perfect trainer – an experienced landlord who understands her subject and who has many years experience as a teacher, she steps everyone through the most complex calculations that even the most ‘maths averse’ can understand and follow. Yet even our most ‘tax aware’ members came away having learnt something - we needed to update some of our web based tax tools as Sue explained nuances of the tax system that we had never picked up from the many ‘experts’ we have had present to us in the past. Most ‘experts’ will have their ‘angle’ or pet solution or standard approach – the real benefit of one of Sue’s courses is that she outlines all of the options and talks about the strengths and weaknesses of each, rather than trying to sell one solution as so many do – this is proper education, it gives you the skills to make the decisions you need to make for your business.”