The SPECIALIST Landlord and Property Taxation Course


Landlords are asking themselves what is Section 24 and how will it affect me? 

This course will highlight the new tax changes being phased in by 2020-2021 whereby the landlord will only be able to claim a 20% tax relief from their tax bill.

It won’t always be the 20% value of the interest loan relief. This is the hidden detail which has not been addressed.

The most vulnerable group of landlords are those who are 20% tax payers as they have been informed that they will not be impacted and will receive 20% relief from their finance costs. The devil is in the detail and this sound bite is misleading.

Quality work is done on the Income Tax regime and specifically tax thresholds to enable the landlords to work out their own individual position with S24. Landlords are now in the second year of these changes but have not paid the tax due on the first transition year of the changes 2017/18.

Every portfolio is differently structured financially so understanding the impact on your individual portfolio is key.

Landlords will pay this tax by the 31st January 2019. Many landlords may begin to look for the causes of their higher tax bill and ask for help and possible solutions over the coming years.

This course is essential for all landlords as the impact of S24 of the Finance Act 2016 and its hidden ill effects take hold on every property portfolio with mortgages, potentially putting a landlord into a position where they are unable to pay their tax bill. Landlords must take decisive action and engage with these changes before it is too late.

With ‘user friendly’ worked examples the course focuses on conceptual understanding before the figures and calculations are applied.

Course content:

  • Introduction and overview of the Tax regime

  • Income Tax

  • Capital Gains Tax

  • Corporation Tax

  • Inheritance Tax

  • Digital Tax

  • Application of Section 24 (tenant tax)

  • Gifting and potentially exempt transfer

  • The benefits of incorporating your business

  • Hold as a company vs hold as an individual

  • Self-assessment and tax returns

  • Allowable expenses and what to offset

  • An introduction to Trusts

  • Smart exits and strategies

*Please note it is advisable to bring a calculator when attending this landlord training session. *

The course will look at possible solutions and the emerging strategies available to the landlord to mitigate these changes.

 We will empower you to:

  • Guide you through the theory surrounding tax legislation

  • understand the ongoing consequences of S24

  • Investigate and provide options to mitigate the impact of S24

  • Outline your rights, responsibilities and liabilities

  • Give insight into improving the restructuring of your portfolio

  • Helping you understand and clarify your future tax liability

  • Provide practical examples to ensure you understand basic calculations

  • Instigate thought-provoking discussion

By the end of this landlord training course you will also be better informed when seeking expert advice, and in the event you decide to instruct an accountant or tax expert, you will be able to steer and request the tax efficient detail which could potentially save on significant fees.,