Capital Gains Tax

understanding Capital Gains Tax and the recent proposed budget changes to Lettings Relief

Using case-studies and practical examples, you will learn the jargon and understand the implications of CGT on your own portfolio.

This landlord training course will provide you with a full understanding of the continually changing Government implications on Capital Gains Tax.

Course content:

  • Principles of Capital Gains Tax

  • Worked examples with basic calculations- to show how to calculate your CGT bill for a buy to let and account for any PPR period and ‘Lettings Relief”

  • Income tax rates and their relationship to CGT

  • How to use exemptions and reliefs which are not claimed annually and are essential tax strategies - every year landlords fail to use them

  • Capital Gains Tax for rented properties

  • Jargon and phrases

  • Tax and investment strategies

  • Inheritance tax considerations

  • Will planning and Power of Attorneys

This course will:

  • Guide you through the rules and regulations of Capital Gains Tax

  • provide easy worked examples of calculations to help you understand PPR and Lettings Relief

  • Show the pathways and options available to you

  • Find out how to make the most of your investments

  • Provide practical examples to ensure you understand basic calculations

  • Instigate thought-provoking discussion

By the end of this landlord training course you will know the principles of CGT, how to apply times scales and to use otherwise lost reliefs to achieve tax efficient results. You will also be better informed when to seek expert advice, in the event you decide to instruct an accountant or tax expert, which could help potentially save on those significant fees.