I wrote, developed and delivered the top selling courses ‘Capital Gains Tax’ and the ‘Specialist Landlord Tax' courses for the National Landlords Association. I have since developed a ground breaking method designed to teach landlords how to unpick their own situation under S24 and to anticipate the action they may need to take.

My new course ‘S24 for the Property Gurus’ will be launched shortly.

Introduction and overview of the Tax regime - my stye is conceptual learning before calculations are introduced:

Income Tax

Capital Gains Tax

Corporation Tax

Inheritance Tax

Digital Tax

Application of Section 24 (tenant tax)

Gifting and potentially exempt transfer

The benefits of incorporating your business

Hold as a company vs hold as an individual

Self-assessment and tax returns

Allowable expenses and what to offset

An introduction to Trusts

Smart exits and strategies

I wrote this course to empower all landlords to:

Understand the tax structures and theory surrounding tax legislation

Outline your rights, responsibilities and liabilities in reporting your tax burden

Investigate and explore the different tax structures to hold property

Give insight into improving the restructuring of your portfolio following S24

Help you understand and clarify your future tax liability in the light of S24

Guide you on how to reduce your ongoing and potential tax bill

Ensure you have a clear understanding of the rules and regulations

Provide practical examples to ensure you understand basic calculations

Instigate thought-provoking discussion

This course provides a secure “bag of tools” to enable you to ask your accountant the questions they need to answer to ensure you operate in a tax efficient environment. This will ensure you can steer and get more value for money from the experts you instruct.